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Diversity in Groups - 959 Words

Module Five: Diversity in Groups Eli Neff ITT Technical Institute The modern day business model depends on many different factors in order to be successful. One of the most important factors in both internal and external business affairs is the ability to effectively communicate within different cultures, also known as intercultural communication. Intercultural communication happens when two groups or individuals from different backgrounds come together to communicate (Lanqua Team). With the growing amount of diversity in the workplace, intercultural communication is becoming more and more important when leading a business. Globalization With the invention of the internet, businesses across the globe are finding it easier and†¦show more content†¦Celebrating what makes us different, be it cultural values, beliefs, or even skills makes for better teamwork. Seeing how someone is different from you rather than the same forces you to look at them as an individual and understand why they hold the beliefs they do. Becoming more tolerant of others in the workplace is simple but for some people can be very difficult. We must constantly evaluate our own behavior and beliefs in order to treat people fairly. Our prejudices can lead to discrimination, which leads to poor team communication and an unfriendly or even unsafe work environment. Some ways of dealing with the challenges a diverse workplace provides are identifying and eliminating barriers to the utilization of diversity, creating a structure for dealing with personal conflicts, fostering relationships between people in the workplace with different cultural or personal backgrounds, and identifying when miscommunications between members happen so they can be clarified and avoided later. (Johnson amp; Johnson, 2013) Conclusion Embracing each other’s cultural and personal background and beliefs is the key to a healthy and functional diverse workplace. Diversity is unavoidable in today’s business model since globalization is at its zenith, and making sure that we are tolerant of others is the best way to keep it there. One of the many challenges that businessShow MoreRelatedGenerational Diversity Groups : A Generational Group Essay1074 Words   |  5 PagesThere are four generational diversity groups. In this paper I will discuss the four groups, including each group’s name, timeframe, and the characteristics of each group. Then, I will discuss the group in which I belong and the characteristics of the group that I possess. Lastly, I will choose a different group than my own and describe how each group can learn from th e other. Overview of Four Generations There are four generational groups. The first I will discuss is the Veterans (1925-1945). NursesRead MoreAdvantages And Disadvantages Of Group Diversity1453 Words   |  6 Pagesgiven group that are unlike any other. Our country is highly complex, and the diversity amongst all the different groups of people can create a highly effective collaboration or create and unproductive conflict among individuals. The subject of diversity becomes more and more common today than ever before. Because any environment has the potential to be highly effective, it is imperative to accurately and effectively manage such situations. The importance of knowing how to manage diversity in groupsRead MoreThe Diversity Of Class During A Group Discussion Essay1322 Words   |  6 PagesIdentify and describe a time in this class when you failed to embrace diversity. I failed to embrace diversity in class during a group discussion. For instance, in the group we were talking about traditional roles for men and women. I failed to embrace people who had different views, because I did not see things the same way. One of my peers, believed women will continue to follow traditional roles, while I believed women are breaking away from traditional roles. In other words, my classmateRead MoreTeamwork/Group, Dynamics, Cohesion, Diversity7672 Words   |  31 Pages Topics Page No Abstract 1. Introduction 2. Group Dynamics 1 M. Sahin 2.1. Advantages 1 2.1.1. Setting up Goals 1 2.1.2. Brain storming 1 2.1.3. Communication 2 2.2. Disadvantages 3 2.3. Advantages Vs Disadvantage (End Results) 5 3. Group Cohesiveness 7 J. Mahmoudi What is Group Cohesion? 7 3.1. Nature of Group Cohesiveness 3.2. Groups Goals 8 3.3. Measuring group cohesion 9 3.4. Developing cohesiveness 11Read MoreDiversity Within The Taxonomic Group Of Lagormorpha1863 Words   |  8 PagesDiversity within and between species depends on evolution and evolutionary processes. This essay seeks to analyze the origins and significance of diversity within the taxonomic group of Lagormorpha, both within species and between species. Origin of diversity within species Inbreeding depression occurs when species inbreed to a point where the overall fitness of the species decreases significantly. Slate and Pemberton studied how reduced heterozygosity affected the sperm and gonads of wild rabbitsRead MoreCritical Thinking Group Assignment : Diversity Within Our Group2623 Words   |  11 PagesCritical Thinking Group Assignment: Diversity Within Our Group Tracy Williams, Jessica Parrett, Katharine Shaw, Rasheye’ Cobb, and Alexandria Martin Wright State University â€Æ' Knowing about the diversity within different communities is very helpful when studying human behavior on the macro level. It is of great importance to understand this diversity, in order to enable sound policy development and implementation. No matter how similar a group of people may seem, there is always diversity within themRead MoreThe Impact Of Diversity Training On A Group Dynamics Experiment1018 Words   |  5 PagesFor this particular study, the researcher is instrumental to the measurement of the impact of diversity training. The hypothesis of the study is leaders with diversity training, who manage a diverse work team,  experience higher levels of productivity. Multiple sources of data will be used in order to study full-circle when it comes to analysis and frame of reference. With the researcher as a key instrument, the researcher will collect data primarily through observation and the proceedings of theRead MoreDiversity, Religion, Language, Gender, Or Social Group s Essay2042 Words   |  9 PagesDiversity does not limit itself to appearance, race, religion, language, gender, or social groups, nor is it only found in one country, but among many. Diversity also does not have limitations when it comes to education and no, it is not just the many different ethnicities that are present that are being spoken of. It is educational values that are emphasized in one’s own family as well as the expectations of the culture that one was raised in which diversity can also be prevalent. An illustrationRead MoreThe Origin And Significance Of Diversity Within The Taxonomic Group Of Lagomorpha1779 Words   |  8 Pagessignificance of diversity within and between species using examples from a named Eukaryote taxonomic group of your choice.† Introduction Diversity within and between species depends on various evolutionary processes and can be traced to some sort of genetically altering event, whether it be a mutation, physical isolation, inbreeding depression etc. This essay seeks to analyze the origins and significance of diversity within the taxonomic group of lagomorpha, analyzing the diversity both within andRead MoreDiversity Is A Diverse Personality That Cultivates Within Any Group Setting936 Words   |  4 Pagesthat carries an adventurous circle of diversity. I am a 38-year-old African American who finds herself looking for opportunities in every day’s life cycle. I find my personality as a diverse personality that cultivates within any group setting. Over the years, I have come to learn diversity is everyday lifestyles, whether it is faced on by grocery shopping, employment etc. I have learned there is no way around diversities and its settings; however, diversity is a direction of your reflection.

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Essay on Jane Austens Characters, Elinor and Marianne

Jane Austens Characters, Elinor and Marianne Having a strong heart like Elinor and a latent sense similar to Marianne, Jane Austen displayed her characteristics through her characters. Elinor and Marianne were two main characters that Jane Austen used to display her true character. Elinor is very devoted to her family and tries to do everything she can to support them. Every now and then, when the family is in need of advice, they would all look to Elinor. Marianne was the younger daughter in the family of three sisters and she is always caught up in romantic poetry. At one time in the novel,†¦show more content†¦She stimulates us to supply what is not there.† (Woolf 19) After Willouby’s sudden break up with Marianne, many deep vivid emotions are shown to the reader. Austen lived in a society where women mostly worked on farms. Agriculture was the largest employment for women. (Weldon 36) While other women were out working on the fields, Austen would be at home diligently thinking about more ideas for her novels. Later as the years passed, Jane Austen became an author for writing novels. From then on, her occupation was to be a magnificent writer. She wrote many books that dealt with her very own lifestyles and emotions. It was not until her death when she began to notice her success in writing novels. One important thing that she could put before her writing was her family. Austen, the seventh of eight children and was ardent towards her family. Her family needed all the help they could receive because her father had passed away. In the beginning of the novel Sense and Sensibility, Mr. Dashwood died and had no choice but to give his will to his first son and nothing to the rest of the family. Although Jane Austen was not married,Show MoreRelatedJane Austens Sense and Sensibility: Comparing the Characters of Elinor and Marianne1535 Words   |  6 PagesElinor vs. Marianne Compare-contrast essay Jane Austens 1811 novel Sense and Sensibility puts across an account involving two English sisters who come across a series of hardships in their endeavor to find their personal identities in a relatively hostile environment. Elinor and Marianne Dashwood are forced to leave their home, the estate at Norland Park, consequent to their fathers death. The two experience economic problems and come to see the world with different eyes as they move in aRead MoreJane Austen s Novel And True Classic Sense And Sensibility1427 Words   |  6 PagesThere are many authors whose works are considered to be classics; perhaps the most influential is Jane Austen. Jane Austen wrote six novels, that in today’s world, we call classics. Her first novel and true classic Sense and Sensibility, was published in 1811 at a time when the world was just starting to write full length novels. Though Jane Austen only lived to be forty-one, she contributed much too modern literature; such as being one of the first major authors to make use of the three volume novelRead MoreSense and Sensibility by Jane Austen1151 Words   |  5 Pages11). This quote in Jane Austen’s novel Sense and Sensibility highlights the main conflict in the novel. Also, it describes how Elinor Dashwood, the main character of the novel feels about love. In this novel social class is important because most of the characters belong to upper-class families. Since there are conflicts with love and social class is of importance in the novel, two of the many themes from Sense and Sensibility include love and wealth. The conflicts the characters have with love areRead More Judgments of Conduct in Sense and Sensibility Essay1000 Words   |  4 Pagessurrounding countryside, the story relates how Elinor, the eldest of Mrs. Dashwoods daughters, and Marianne, the second eldest, share in the agony of tragic love. In the opening of the book, Mrs. Dashwood and her three daughters are forced to move to a new and smaller abode, as her husbands death left her fairly unwealthy. During their transition, the Dashwoods stayed with her step-son and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. John Dashwood. It is there where Elinor, practical and conventional, met and fellRead MoreEssay on An Introduction to Sense and Sensibility1320 Words   |  6 PagesJane Austen’s novel Sense and Sensibility follows the lives of two sisters, Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, as they face the perils of finding love. In the novel, Elinor seems to be the embodiment of sense with her rationality and thoughtfulness, while her sister, Marianne, seems to symbolize sensibility. Marianne is incredibly emotional and wildly romantic. Although the novel seems to closely attach the sisters to these personifications, it is shown at the beginning of the novel that Elinor and MarianneRead MoreSense And Sensibility By Jane Austen1123 Words   |  5 PagesSense and Sensibility was written by Jane Austen in 1811, the novel describes the life of three young sisters after the death of their father. The sisters; Elinor, Margaret, and Marianne Dashwood each are forced to leave their homes with their mother, Mrs. Dashwood, when their father passes and their home is inherited by Mr. Dashwood’s son, from his first marriage, John Dashwood. The young women and their mother vacate the home filled with the atrocious presence of Mr. Dashwood’s first wife, FannyRead MoreSense And Sensibility : Jane Austen1354 Words   |  6 PagesSense and Sensibility displays Jane Austen’s careful use of dialogue in maintaining the story; Austen creates scenes that combine moments of important dialogue with forward-moving observations of character, assisting character development and plot without holding up the timeline of the story. With this meticulous combination of dialogue and insight, Austen opens a window into the complex relationships between Willoughby, Marianne, and Colonel Brandon, focusing on two particular moments of discussionRead More Structure and Characterization in Sense and Sensibility Essay3986 Words   |  16 Pagesthe early nineteenth century when Jane Austen published her novels. Fiction was presumed to be immoral and even dangerous since it over-excited the imagination (Halperin 5). Many religious denominations instituted anti- fiction campaigns to protect young people from the corrupting influence of the novels. It was not until the middle of the nineteenth century that this attitude regarding fiction began to change. Due to this bias as well as the anonymity that Jane Austen sought by not putting herRead More Aspects of Romanticism Essay1407 Words   |  6 PagesNature, imagery, and the freedom of thought and expression are key elements of Romanticism as characterized in Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, William Wordsworth â€Å"We are Seven,† and Percy Shelley’s â€Å"Mutability.† These literary works of Jane Austen, Percy Shelley, and William Wordsworth focus on emphasizing their feelings and emotions by using their imagination and their love of nature as key tools for helping readers to comprehend their personal experiences. Each of their works reflects situationsRead MoreSocial Confinement in Austen’s Sense and Sensibility1059 Words   |  4 PagesWhen Charlotte Bronte said of Jane Austen’s novels ‘I should hardly like to live with their ladies and gentlemen, in their elegant but confined houses’ she was referring to the physical confinement of an interior versus an exterior setting. This confinement of the setting mirrors the social confinement of a woman versus a man in the societal structure at the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th century. While Austen studies the societal position of women in most of her novels, her early work

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The Enlightenment On The Creation Of A Thriving Society

Tanika Wolff, Group 1 â€Å"Central to the Enlightenment is the notion that equality of educational opportunity is essential to the creation of a flourishing society. Discuss with reference to both a liberal and a conservative perspective† The driving force of the 18th century Enlightenment was to liberate individuals from the oppression of religion. To challenge the despotism of the traditional absolutes, it was imperative that the people were liberated from their dependence on various hegemonies so that they need not rely on such institutions for guidance. In order to do so, individuals needed to mature their intellect, relying on reason and rationality to venture towards autonomy. Consequently, education of the people became crucial in the†¦show more content†¦Through analysing the beliefs at the core of the two polar political ideologies, it can be concluded that liberalism has a more conceivable notion of the foundations inherent to a prosperous society. As a political ideology, conservatism is defined by the desire to conserve and is reflected in a suspicion of political and social change. Conservatives venerate tradition as it is seen to generate social cohesion by linking people to the past and providi ng them with a sense of identity. Conservatives interpret society as a living entity, which is hierarchical by nature and characterised by established social gradations. Thus when reflecting upon society with a conservative perspective, genuine social equality is but a myth, rejected as undesirable and unachievable. Central to this ideology is the notion that inequality of wealth is inevitable, and is justified through the correspondence of differing social responsibilities. Burke a political philosopher who challenged the French Revolution as destructive and counter-productive believed Europe was already representing a flourishing society when the Revolution began. Burke argued that it was not enough to be free, life needed meaning and such could be found in tradition, folklore and myth. In Reflections on the Revolution in France (Burke, E 2004)i, Burke alludes to his position on education, claiming â€Å"there ought to be a system of manners in every nation which a well formed mind to be disposed to relish’ (Burke, E

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The Impact of EEF-Free-Samples for

Question: Identify Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEF) of the Project. Answer: Tool to analyze the impact of EEF To analyze the enterprise environmental factors, the SWOT analysis is chosen. SWOT analysis helps to analyze the strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats of the business. Moreover, the SWOT analysis helps to know the internal and external circumstances of the environment of the organization. By the help of the SWOT analysis, the organizations are able to assess the important factors of the organization. The factors can include the leadership ability, technology, and intellectual property of the business within the company. According to Grant (2016), with the help of the SWOT analysis, the organization is able to control the important factors such as strength and opportunities, and improve those factors as well as reduce the threats and weakness of the organization. Reason to select the tool SWOT analysis is beneficial for the enterprise environmental factors that offer the holistic, and well- rounded with the internal and the external issues. With the help of the opportunities and the threats, the organization can be able to improve the strengths and reduce the weaknesses. The internal issues are associated with the strength and weakness of an organization (Machmud Sidharta, 2014). Hence, it is a useful tool for the company that avoids the potential pitfall and capitalizes the future possibilities. It is the study tool that helps to identify and analyze the internal strengths as well as the weaknesses. On the other hand, it helps to determine the external threats as well as opportunities. Hence, from the above discussion and recommendation, it can be said that the post can be agreed. References Grant, R. M. (2016).Contemporary strategy analysis: Text and cases edition. John Wiley Sons. Machmud, S., Sidharta, I. (2014). Business models for SMEs in Bandung: Swot analysis.Jurnal Ekonomi, Bisnis Entrepreneurship,8(1), 51-61.

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BOS Solutions HR Solution

Return on Investment (ROI) BOS Solutions requires a more robust HR solution to support its human resource activities. The company must be more careful in its IT investment to derive maximum value from it. That is, vendors must deliver HR solution that will offer expected outcomes on the business.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on BOS Solutions: HR Solution specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The aim of the new ERP and the new Applicant Tracking System is to streamline the HR processes so that executives can focus on employees’ development and productivity rather manually tracking, filing and shuffling their documents. BOS Solutions must realise tangible results from the IT investments from the start. That is, it should not take over a year before the company realises any returns on the investment.  Given that employees are critical part of the company’s assets for creating competitive advantag e, the HR solution will be evaluated for its effectiveness on several areas. The Applicant Tracking System will have to demonstrate returns more than financial benefits. In the past, companies would purchase and install ERP systems to enhance employee satisfaction. The ERP system would improve competitiveness by enabling the company to be able to gather, consolidate and generate accurate data about employees in a timely fashion. The new Applicant Tracking System would be able to shorten process cycles, enhance the accuracy of collected data, facilitate application processes, reduce costs of operations and eliminate further costs incurred through the current redundant Ceridian Recruiting system. The new Applicant Tracking System will facilitate employee self-service. The HR solution will offer several options to demonstrate ROI. It will eliminate manual search for missing data of employment history, certifications, or attached documents. As a result, it would save on administrative t ime. In addition, employee records shall be easier to handle. In most cases, HR executives face challenges related to handling sheer volumes of employees’ records. Still, manual processes require greater attention to details when collecting information, typing them into a single system and ensuring that employee information reaches the intended audience e.g., HR/Payroll team.Advertising Looking for research paper on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The new Applicant Tracking System will ensure that HR executives focus on their primary tasks and guide recruitment processes, develop key talents, review workforce and applicants paradigms. The benefits of a new Applicant Tracking System for BOS Solutions would be far reaching. Having job, education and certification history on the employees would allow for a broader picture in promotions, training and development. The program upgrade would also allow for more detailed reporting of applicants by job, department and division. BOS Solutions should be able to capture specific data because of implementing the new ERP and the new Applicant Tracking System to demonstrate impacts and return on investment. Data on HR productivity, user satisfaction, cycle time to locate employee information and applicants’ engagement with the system will demonstrate outcomes. RIO must reflect monetary values against the cost of the project. For instance, in the cases of HR solution for recruitment, the ROI would be determined based on the some assumptions. This situation may lead to manual recruitment processes. The HR recruitment team wastes time and resources because the current Ceridian Recruiting tool is not integrated, not customizable and does not allow the employer to upload documents such as employment history, certifications, or attached documents. Initiate new hiring or change of employment terms HR team would enter data once and save 120 w orking hours in a year due to enhanced efficiency The average hourly rate for senior HR team is $100Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on BOS Solutions: HR Solution specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Savings realised: 120*100 = $12,000 Therefore, BOS Solutions would save $12,000 per annum by implementing the new HR solution. Assumptions There are basic assumptions adopted to ensure that the new ERP and the new Applicant Tracking System deliver the intended outcomes. Employees would be able to adopt the new systems, demonstrate satisfaction, and capture the intended data. In addition, the HR executives will show changes in knowledge, attitudes and skills after adopting the new HR solutions. Still, it is expected that implementation processes would not face challenges, behaviour changes will facilitate adoption and performance of the HR team. Moreover, senior executives will support the implementation of the new ERP and the new Applicant Tracking System while the CFO will approve the budget.  To facilitate adoption of the new ERP and the new Applicant Tracking System, they should be compatible with the existing Ceridian Recruiting and seamlessly integrate. The new Applicant Tracking System is expected to optimise HR processes. This would ensure that BOS Solutions meets its business objective of developing an integrated employee database with all HR/Payroll Latitude programs such as name, date of hire, division or department and rate of pay. The database will also contain employment history, certifications, or attached documents, as well as all applicant data, applicant flow logs, EEO and Vets 100 information and basic recruiting statistics. With abundant data, the HR team will have reliable information to facilitate recruitment processes and succession planning.Advertising Looking for research paper on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The data would allow the HR planner to understand applicants’ characteristics and employee turnover trends to facilitate forecasting of employee turnover and salary increment if required. The HR department would be able to develop a forward-looking approach to all HR challenges, employee compensation structure and areas of weaknesses among others. BOS Solutions aims to develop an efficient, cost-effective, customisable and scalable recruiting process through the new ERP and the new Applicant Tracking System. Hence, HR recruiting experts will use the HR tools to develop a reliable recruitment plan. The department will develop specific metrics for new recruits. The HR executives will rely on applicants’ data to evaluate in order to identify the best candidates for specific positions, determine costs of hiring and sources of qualified or best applicants. These data would support hiring, payment and even promotion decisions. It would balance recruitment and align roles, pa y rates and qualifications. By having all employment history, certifications, or attached documents, applicants’ data, applicant flow logs, EEO and Vets 100 information and basic recruiting statistics and rate of pay, the recruiting team would be able to successful applicants’ profiles, match applicants with appropriate positions and then perform competitive analyses to determine suitable pay rates. It is assumed that the HR department would use employee data to develop employee capabilities and enhance engagement. In this process, HR executives would assess skills, experience levels, strengths and weaknesses of employees. By relying on the company’s skill map, the HR executives would be able to evaluate the effectiveness of training and development programmes and develop appropriate plans while taking into account recruits’ potentials to comprehend expected roles and career growth prospects. Further, the HR department may identify the best developmental activities as observed among top performs and use such information to develop the best training and development materials for the entire organisation. In addition, such information may also be utilised to select the best recruits and develop training and development programmes for them. To derive maximum ROI from the new ERP and the new Applicant Tracking System, BOS Solutions HR executives would develop a competitive compensation plans or pay rates that aim to facilitate employees’ performance and drive results. The HR executives will review of all pay rates and other benefits to determine a group that drive performance based on their compensation structures. This would determine the relationship between employee pay rates and performances, retention, attraction of new applicants and new recruits. The results may be used to determine the best pay rates and predict possible compensation for future performances. BOS Solutions executives will be able to compare its pay rates ag ainst the market benchmarks and then review these rates to determine their impacts on the budget and savings on costs of employee compensation. As a result, HR executives may review the pay structure and adjust rates to competitive, sustainable levels based on performances.  It is expected that BOS Solutions will rely on the new ERP and the new Applicant Tracking System to gather all relevant applicants’ data. The HR executives will observe key demographic trends, applicants’ pools, current employees and then develop hiring strategies based on these observations. It would be effective for BOS Solutions to develop appropriate tools that would facilitate employee selection and recruitment. The new ERP and the new Applicant Tracking System should ensure customisation such as importing job, education and certification history. The program should also have detailed reporting of applicants in job, department, division, and geographic location and support the standard EEO a nd Vets 100 reporting and custom report building. These may be generated automatically so that HR managers can respond to areas that require additional workforce, training or any other appropriate actions. Risks Like any other new solutions in organisations, the new ERP and the new Applicant Tracking System are likely to encounter risks at various levels. These risks are categorised as high risks, moderate risks and low risks, but there are also critical success factors for the company to consider (Umble, Haft, Umble, 2003). A change in staffing is high risk to effective implementation of the new ERP and the new Applicant Tracking System. BOS Solutions may not be able to stop its qualified staff from leaving the company. When such skilled, knowledgeable and experienced employees leave an organisation, IT system implementation experiences drawbacks. In addition, drastic changes in technologies may render the new ERP and the new Applicant Tracking System obsolete particularly if they are implemented slowly. To overcome these risks, BOS Solutions must dedicate adequate resources for acquisition and implementation of the IT solutions. In addition, it must ensure that senior executives support the new solutions and implementation processes. Moderate risks may emanate within the organisation. BOS Solutions employees may not possess the right skill levels, increased costs, recruitment and training of new staff to support system implementation may be difficult. BOS Solutions will have to consider its staff skill levels, depend on project implementation schedules, control costs and hire experienced IT implementation to support Employees could also present low risks to implementation of the new IT systems. For instance, they may ignore training or training materials may not adequately address requirements. In this case, training must be mandatory for all employees and training materials must meet the expected standards to allow employees acquire the necessary skills (W orley Chatha, 2005). References Park, K., Kusiak, A. (2005). Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) operations support system for maintaining process integration. International Journal of Production Research, 43(19), 3959–3982. Phillips, J. (2007). Measuring ROI in Human Resources: Calculating the Impact of ROI on HR Programs. Web. Umble, J., Haft, R., Umble, M. (2003). Enterprise Resource Planning: Implementation Procedures and Critical Success Factors. European Journal of Operations Research, 146, 241-257. Worley, J., Chatha, K. (2005). Implementation and optimisation of ERP systems: a better integration of processes, roles, knowledge and user competencies. Computers in Industry, 56(6), 620–638. This research paper on BOS Solutions: HR Solution was written and submitted by user Brenna Rosario to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Freeing the Slaves-Lincoln essays

Freeing the Slaves-Lincoln essays Many Americans expect President Abraham Lincoln to personally abolished slavery. But a President cannot simply pick up a pencil and draw a plan to completly do away with slavery. Yet this is the common assumption of many Americans today. Legally, slavery is where slaves are the property of other people. The Constitution states that, nobody can be deprived of their property without "due process of law" meaning a legislative act. Congress does not have the power to pass a law outlawing slavery. Lincoln acknowledged this in his first inaugural address. The Constitution has to be amended before Congress can have authority over slavery. The Emancipation Proclamation does not apply to slaves that are in states remaining within the Union. So technically President Lincoln isnt really "freeing the slaves" because not all slaves are going to be free. The slaves in the Confederacy arent going to benefit from this, of course. The recent Emancipation Proclamation was a limited yet complex. It brilliantly redefined that the Civil War is about slavery rather than secession. Lincoln is an inspirational man and should be remarked for his wonderful work to make America what it is today. The United States would never be where it is today without the wonderful work of this great man. Slavery is a sensitive subject to many people and is nothing to take lightly. For some people it is their heritage and for others it is their worst nightmare. No matter what the outcome of the war is, it goes to show that no one person can completely abolish slavery not even the president. ...

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Annotated bibliography ( Professional research and evaluation ) Essay

Annotated bibliography ( Professional research and evaluation ) - Essay Example Hess, J., Rothgeb, J. and Zukerberg, A. (1997) Survey of program dynamics pretest evaluation report [Internet], Survey of Program Dynamics, US Census Bureau. Available from [Accessed 13 March 2012]. In order to check whether a survey questionnaire would be able to obtain necessary information as well as being easy for adolescents and pre-adolescents to answer them under a specific timeframe, pre-testing them in various sample populations were necessary, as explained by the authors. Pensoneau-Conway, S.L. and Toyosaki, S. (2011) Automethodology: tracing a home for praxis-oriented ethnography. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 10 (4), pp. 378-400. This article showed how not detaching oneself from a group being studied could give a whole new perspective to ethnographic studies, such as showing a sense of self, home, and culture and putting oneself in the other’s shoes, instead of just being an onlooker. Rodriguez, K.L., Schwartz, J.L., Lahman, M.K.E. and Geist, M.R. (2011) Culturally responsive focus groups: refraining the research experience to focus on participants. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 10 (4), pp. 400-418. The use of focus groups is very relevant, especially in qualitative research in social sciences. This article discusses how using culturally responsive researches can give respondents a chance to show their true selves, thus giving a better picture of the views and ideas of different groups, especially marginalized cultures. Sakshaug, J.W., Yan, T. and Tourangeau, R. (2010) Nonresponse error, measurement error, and mode of data collection: tradeoffs in a multi-mode survey of sensitive and non-sensitive items. Public Opinion Quarterly [Internet], 74 (5), pp. 907-933. Available from [Accessed 14 March 2012]. The authors were able to discuss the other side of surveys, which is the correction of errors obtained during sampling. The relationships between the administration style of the survey and the type of errors most likely to occur were also presented, as well as possible ways to reduce them. Schonlau, M., Fricker, R.D. and Elliott, M.N. (2002) Conducting research surveys via e-mail and the web, Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation Internet survey is considered one of the cheapest forms of surveying since there is less effort to implement it. However, certain considerations must be made in order for its success, such as appropriateness, sample size and sensitivity of the issue at hand. This book assesses the problems and the solutions for internet survey to work. Smart, C. (2011) Ways of knowing: crossing species boundaries. Methodological Innovations Online [Internet], 6(3), pp. 27-38. Available from [Accessed 13 March 2012]. In order to control a horse, not only does the handler recognise visual cues but also subconsciously read the horse’s movements, and react accordingly to it. Over time it becomes automatic for the handler, who reacts to the horse’